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re: sauna


Short description

Japanese word “shinkan”, commonly translated as a silence, can also mean “deep quietness or stillness” depending on the use of kanji (Chinese characters). It expresses a way of falling completely silent without making a single sound.
In designing ‘re: sauna’ we focused our design on the sound. By eliminating all the noise we tried to create a sauna space where one person can relax and unwind.
In terms of design, the partition walls extend to the attic, all finishing materials are uneven, and sound proofing material is used inside the walls to minimise noise.
Furthermore, by applying lighting that corresponds with a direction, intensity, color temperature of the natural sunlight, we made a space filled with a tranquil atmosphere. As a result, the space was designed to express the silence of a naturally born and growing forest.
In addition, to complete the design of the space, we incorporated “a reflection of the wind” that randomly hits the walls. On top of that, in every private room we recreated the feel of naturally blowing wind.
We hope that those who experience “re : sauna” will feel a sense of a mind’s and body’s regeneration.

Entry details
LocationChiba, Japan
Studio NameKAMITOPEN Co., Ltd.
Lead designerMasahiro Yoshida
Design teamKim Hyeong Wook
Photography creditsKeisuke Miyamoto
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