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Pvilion’s Portable Solar Sail


Short description

Pvilion’s Portable Solar Sail is a uniquely designed architectural or industrial shelter featuring solar powered fabric. Thanks to the lightweight solar fabric roof, the structure is easy to relocate to any location where shelter and power are needed. Each canopy comes with a compatible battery system. Designed to provide users convenience and independence, the Portable Solar Sail can be used in any setting that receives sunlight, and provides shade, shelter, and over 1000W of power independent from the grid. It can be scaled up and easily connected to additional systems to provide additional shelter and power for lighting, device charging, event equipment, and more. Not only does the Portable Solar Sail system provide convenient power in any setting, but it also replaces the need for diesel generators. Traditional generators are loud and emit harmful exhaust, but the battery systems used with Pvilion’s Portable Solar Sail are silent and provide clean energy derived from the solar integrated rooftop.

Simple to set-up and use, the Portable Solar Sail offers a turnkey solution that is sustainable, flexible, and convenient.

Entry details
LocationBooklyn, NY, USA
Studio Name Pvilion
Lead designerTodd Dalland
Design teamRobert Lerner, Colin Touhey
Photography creditsChristopher Fenimore
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