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Metamorphosis Yoga Shala in Portugal

Yanniotis & Associates | Architects & Consulting Engineers

Project description

This project is about a Yoga Shala proposal submitted in an International Architecture Competition Call. The site is part of a mountain Yoga Retreat Complex located in a breathtaking forest region of central Portugal. The new Yoga Shala building is inspired from the Yoga philosophy, being a spiritual practice rather than a physical exercise. The new development apart from the Shala with an atrium space, consists of the Teahouse cave volume. Both buildings are framed by the biomorphic xeriscaping garden islands, the curvilinear walking concrete stone paths and the cultivation activities levels. The floor plan is organized into the organic shaped volume of the building. There are two independent entrances, one leading to the Shala and the other one to the Xeriscape Atrium. The wide glazing openings allow for natural lighting thus enhancing the warmth and hospitality of the space. The storage of the yoga equipment is incorporated in the wooden structure of the building, under the perimetric seating bench and on shelves constructed between the primary structural beam contours. In the corner of the Yoga Shala, Aerial Yoga Swings may be hanged from the structural Beams supporting this activity with safety. The structure of the building consists of primary and secondary structural wood contour beams grid, based on the yoga mat width. A horizontal perimetric bench-like shelf constructed by structural wood, reinforce the structure stiffness while serving as a seating bench. The skin of the building is comprised by layers of plywood sheets, thermal insulation and structured titanium panels. The Yoga Shala curved building skin incorporates photovoltaic panels. It has the adequate thermal insulation and a Pasiv Haus construction envelope in order to maximize energy efficiency. The openings allow for adequate natural lighting and aeration. The rainwater and greywater are purified and stored in a water tank.

Project details
Location:Amieira - Portugal
Studio NameYanniotis & Associates | Architects & Consulting Engineers
Lead designerConstantinos Yanniotis
Design teamKonstantinos Xanthopoulos, Architect NTUA
Photography creditsYanniotis & Associates
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