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Holo Tea & Cafe

Dexign Matter Studio

Short description

Project Description:

A new establishment located in the Humber Bay Shores area of Etobicoke in Toronto, Café holo is one of the few establishments that serves up tea drinks for this neighborhood. Early in the design process, the designer explored ways to establish a concept reflective of the brand. The interplay of interlocking discs fueled her imagination, a thought born from the two O’s from the word Holo.

Huge round disc about 6 feet in diameter randomly placed across the ceiling forms a distinct dynamic ceiling installation. The discs are connected to each other whilst arranged both horizontally, vertically and placed at various heights. Consisting of solid wood, champagne metal and transparent acrylic finish, the juxtaposition and layering enhances each connecting element. This composition adds volume and an interesting three-dimensional effect to the interior space resulting in transformed impactful and modernist built environment.
The circular geometry of the built-in condiment station and groupings of half circles for the back and full circle cushions of the custom banquette seating are meant to mimic shadows casted by the round discs from the ceiling above. Furthermore, the same floating champagne gold disc that can be seen behind the condiment counter and curved corner of the concrete flooring in the counter area is envisioned to invoke a sense of connection to the ceiling feature.

A space that has only 700 square footage and a ceiling height of 20 feet presented a unique design challenge. Furthermore, from a cost and construction point of view, building round and circular shapes as compared to straight and linear geometries are not the most ideal. However, the designer stayed from this challenge and instead adopted an innovative expression of circular shapes and pattern throughout the project while embracing the volume of space and smartly utilizing it as a design feature.

Why your project is special?

With a design concept in place that aspires to adopt the O’s from the word “Café Holo”, the designer wanted to create a built environment that is cozy, warm and experiential.

Interplays of circular geometry can often invoke a fancy juvenile theme. However, with meticulous thought given in the selection of material finishes and the arrangement of these geometry, the designer have successfully curated a modern application of circular installation.

The cozy atmosphere can be attributed to the earthly tones used in the project - wood and concrete - coupled with a subtle champagne gold metal finish as accent. As one enters into the space, they are greeted by this enormous ceiling installation composed of interlocking discs. Each dressed and finished with a different material, end users begin the experiential nature of the design where their minds start to interact with these random geometries.

And to further invigorate on this end user – interior space interaction, supplementary circular geometries are thoughtfully placed along the interior. With the discs hanging from the ceiling and suspended arrays of track lighting casting circular shadows throughout, the intent is for the end users to look past beyond what is tangible and to perceive these objects as a representation the shadows.

Entry details
Lead designerZoe Lee
Photography creditsBrian So Photography
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