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Gold City No.1

NorthRock Design

Short description

Starting from the practicality of life, visual aesthetics and the sense of ceremony of the family, enlarge the habits and details of life, feel and taste life according to the lifestyle of the family. Based on the way of one ladder and one household, the direction of the entrance door is transformed, the entrance storage area and the porch dust falling area after entering the room are designed, and the cabinets on both sides supplement sufficient storage space.
After changing the direction of the entrance door, the guest restaurant area is more complete and the horizontal hall design is maintained. The comfortable scale does not clearly define the living room, restaurant and island area, which is open and relaxed. The white color, which is mixed with gray scale, presents a gentle and elegant temperament. The fully paved log color floor and the open space integrating guest dining and kitchen allow people to freely combine and interact in the space and derive different life scenes.
Considering the long life of the house, sufficient storage space is reserved. The storage area is hidden on the whole wall from the living room to the dining room, with two aisles leading to the bedroom in the middle. The soft and comfortable suede, stainless steel and rock plate make the space show a natural sense of perseverance in delicacy. Simple top surface design. The facade is designed from the perspective of use according to different spatial functions. Different cabinets are also used as decoration, and light design with elegant and decorative style is implanted, which is as gentle as jade.

Entry details
LocationNanjing - China
Studio NameNorthRock Design
Lead designerYu Yuan, Li Guangzheng
Design teamSun Sha
Photography creditsHei Yao Shi
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