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Cities & Gardens Boutique Suites

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Short description

Cities & Gardens Boutique Suites is located at a beautiful spot in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). It consists of a coffee shop; eight boutique serviced suites; and a rooftop garden. The site is combined from two land lots of 4x22 meter each with view to a small parkland. The building is divided into two adjoined parts as each land lot is owned by one of two owners who are also brothers. The design brief also asked for a relative independence between the two buildings in terms of structure and circulation.

Saigon is a city of multi-culture and opportunities. The city welcomes millions of visitors from all around the World to experience the culture, enjoy the city life and look for opportunities every year. In another aspect, as an unavoidable consequence of poorly controlled development, the green spaces of the city have been sacrificed dramatically to give way for big building and infrastructure developments.

We proposed the concept of “Cities & Gardens” with the intention to create a building that not only reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the city life but also engages and connects with the refreshing nature at the same time. The exterior and interior spaces were designed with conceptual inspirations drawn from some notable cities around the World and natural elements in both direct and imaginative ways while the built-forms of the two adjoined parts are coherent as a whole at the same time.

We proposed a 5-meter set-back at the front and 2-meter void at the back in order to ensure sufficient cross ventilation on all levels of the 15-meter long building. The setback also gives space for a landscaped courtyard with big trees and outdoor furniture. The facade is consisted of a series of angled blocks, each block is completed with a distinctive design to express the diversity and individuality of the suites while also maintains a consistent built-form. The interior space of each suite also has a unique design with the creative use of forms, materials, colors and details.

The Tokyo Home is a tranquil space with design inspirations and experience learned from traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture which is expressed by unique materials and elements such as the multi-purpose Tatami room, Shoji screens and timber ceiling. The balcony is designed as a small Japanese garden with yellow bamboo, white stone and a peaceful view to the tree canopies outside.

The Parisian Suite re-imagines the romance and poetics of the timeless Paris architecture in a modernized way with high ceiling, curving walls and vaulted doorways in combination with stone claddings, polished wooden floor, nice curtain and fabrics made a luxurious and elegant living space. The balcony is designed as a small French rose garden with beautiful view to the parkland.

The Earth Garden was designed in Vietnam vernacular style with the inspiration from the Earth, a vital natural element. Local and traditional materials such as cement tiles in different shades of earthy colors, natural wooden cabinetry, bamboo screens and ceramic furniture were used throughout the interior space with decent craftsmanship. The spacious balcony is an amazing outdoor space that opens the pleasant views to the leafy park and the city skyline.

Located on the third level of the building, the Copenhagen Attic overlooks the peaks of big pine trees and the cityscape. The interior space was designed to imply the warmth and coziness by the use of oak wood floor and furniture as well as high-quality soft furnishing. The balcony is finished in water-proofed composite wood panels and provided with various plantings.

The Waterspace was designed with the inspiration from the imaginative water. The interior space was built in dynamic forms and finished with contemporary materials such as water-like patterned resin flooring, curving plywood cabinets, crystal mosaic tiling as well as glass and polycarbonate furniture. The spacious balcony is an amazing outdoor space that opens the pleasant view to the outside.

The New York Loft is a double-space suite located on the fourth level of the building. The space is split in 3 levels connected by steps: the lowest level consists of the lobby, kitchen and dining area; the living area is positioned on the second level while the bedroom and private bathroom dominates the mezzanine level. The sensible use of industrial and raw materials such as exposed concrete slabs, white-painted brick walls and black-painted iron reimagine the popular 1950s lofts in New York City.

The Forest Lodge is located at the same level with the New York Loft. Wood is used throughout the interior space such as kitchen cabinetry, wardrobe, flooring, partitions as well as loose furniture to create a cozy and nature-friendly living space. The feature element of the Woods is a big forest-like garden filled with various plantings, a big Frangipani tree, outdoor furniture and a large pergola above.

The Saigonese Terrace is located on the top level of the building. The interior space is sensibly finished with traditional and local materials such as floral-patterned cement tile, white terrazzo, wooden capinets and bamboo screens in order to re-create the Saigon’s tranditions in a contemporary setting. The boundary between indoor and outdoor is blurred thanks to the full-height wooden-framed glass doors which give access to a big terrace.The terrace is a reimagination of the traditional Southern Vietnam garden with a stepping planter for local herbs, vegetable and a star-fruit tree.

Finally, we have introduced a number of community spaces into this boutique building. The guests are welcomed to use the communal spaces, including the courtyard; rooftop terrace and BBQ area at anytime and in planned events hosted by the management. Moreover, the cafe and co-working space downstairs also gives to guests a convenient space to relax, have a cool drink, work on their laptop, and meet each other occasionally. This concept of “generating a community” in a boutique building enhances the connection between people who are temporarily living under one roof and willing to communicate and share with the others, also expresses the unique and vibrant lifestyle of Saigon, the city of the multi-culture, diversity and opportunities.

Entry details
LocationHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Lead designerVinh Phuc Ta
Design teamCasa Yen Nguyen, Kim Quy Nguyen, Cong Dat Nguyen, Thanh Gia Han Le, Thanh Thuy Vi Le, Khanh Duong Ngo, Hieu Hien Trinh
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