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100 Most Inspiring
Architecture Photographers

Architectural photography is one of the most important means of communication for architects and designers. It brings spaces and buildings to life and illustrate their use by integrating them in an spatial framework. It is the ultimate tool for its perception and marketing.
“Architects design buildings, architectural photographers design their perception.”
We are used to see all kinds of articles about inspiring architects or inspiring designers, but who are actually some of the most inspiring Architectural Photographers?
The LOOP Design Awards team decided to break ground and make an extensive research about the most inspiring architectural photographers. We asked hundreds of architects, designers, editors, and of course, a lot of architecture photographers with a simple question: “Who are your favorite and most inspiring architectural photographers?”.
We received an incredible feedback from photographers and architecture community with more than 750 contributions worldwide.
LOOP Design Awards is proud to share this selection of the ‘100 Most Inspiring Architectural Photographers’.