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100 Most Inspiring
Architecture Photographers

Volume 2

The most comprehensive list of the 100 Most Inspiring Architecture Photographers is back with VOLUME 2
In 2021 we published the ‘100 Most Inspiring Architecture Photographers’ and it has been a huge success featuring some incredibly talented photographers around the world.
A year later, and after lots of contributions and positive feedback, we decided to publish the Volume 2 of the ‘100 Most Inspiring Architecture Photographers’.
We felt that there were a LOT of amazing photographers that were left out of that list. Not because they are not inspiring or talented, but because we were limited to 100 names (actually 103)!
Once again, the LOOP Design Awards team worked very hard and continued the extensive research about the most inspiring architectural photographers.
We asked hundreds of architects, designers, editors, and of course, a lot of architecture photographers with a simple question: “Who are your favorite and most inspiring architectural photographers?”.
Architectural photography is one of the most important means of communication for architects and designers. It brings spaces and buildings to life and illustrate their use by integrating them in a spatial framework. It is the ultimate tool for its perception and marketing.
LOOP Design Awards is proud to share this new selection of the ‘100 Most Inspiring Architectural Photographers’.
We will keep the hard work and raise the bar for the third volume of ‘100 Most Inspiring Architectural Photographers’ – don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions to [email protected]