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Zibi House

Studio Paolo Ferrari

Project description

Designed to serve as a physical representation of a timely concept: the development of a 34-acre waterfront city poised to become Canada’s most progressive urban locale. Zibi House provides the world’s first look at what is in store when the city is completed. For its design, we were enlisted to create a cultural hub, event space, and community landmark. We wanted to introduce this project to the public in a tactile and visceral way. We strove to create something truly emotional and resonant, to celebrate the environmental ambition and regional heritage of the project. The approach was holistic, designing a series of light-filled rooms that feel warm, inviting, and unexpectedly refined. Each room underscores a unique element of the site, pairing distinct architectural detailing with an experience meant to stimulate one of the five senses. A richly colored Sound Room features a ceiling-mounted indigo cone that plays music by indigenous songwriters. A wood-paneled Scent Room houses a variety of native plants, while local flavors are highlighted in the sleek, bright Taste Room. Altogether, Zibi House is a destination that we hope will incite both dialogue and delight.

Project details
Location:Gatineau, Canada
Studio NameStudio Paolo Ferrari
Lead designerPaolo Ferrari
Photography creditsJoel Esposito
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