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Zhuhai Yanlord Peninsula Villa Show Flat


Short description

Located at Tangjia Peninsula in Zhuhai, based on the seaside location and features, and focusing on the life attitude of urban elite, its interior design runs through free strokes and stimulates all-round coherence and circulation. It constructs multiple scenes and fully mobilizes sensory emotions, expected to bring the extraordinary living experience.
Its living room with a raised ceiling of 5.88 meters height brings a magnificent momentum and enhances the intercommunication and dialogue between upper and lower floors. The adjacent plane layout permeates each other freely.
The wooden grille placed on the facade of void area, not only retain the transparency and vague beauty, but also give a sense of security care and reveal a humanized care.
Taking advantage of the overlapping and retreating relationship of the space framework, the unique volume is used to divide the level and add momentum. By the smooth interweaving and transition of surface materials, they are shaped according to the situation, highlighting the whole.
Benefiting from the accurate perspective effect, and advocating the way of restraint and balance, the dining room is full of the sense of visual ritual. With the progressive interaction, you can always encounter completely different scenery when looking around.
The application of the deconstruction technique and interspersed connection of blocks not only build the shape, but also highlight the refined beauty. And more rich functions are derived in a unique and interesting way.
The living experience of high-end hotels and sense of leisure vacation is injected into the master bedroom suit. From the perspective of pursuing self-pleasure and satisfaction, the girls' room is exquisite, personalized and eye-catching.
The multi-functional room and outdoor terrace are placed in the perfect position of the top floor, and the basement act as a variety of leisure and entertainment scenes, interpreting infinite joy and wonderful experience.

Entry details
LocationZhuhai - China
Lead designerFang Lei
Photography creditsZhang Jing
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