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Zhuhai Private Banking


Short description

An outstanding force in the world banking industry since 1987, CMB is known for its innovative technology, exceptional service and elevated guest experience. Zhuhai Private Banking continues this legacy, focusing on providing an exceptional guest experience while incorporating local cultural elements. As a major transportation hub in the Bay Area, Zhuhai plays a key role in promoting cultural diversity and driving economic growth in the region.
Inspired by the concept of “Between Mountain and Sea”, the design of the space exemplifies trust and unity. Through the juxtaposition of void and solid forms the design evokes the essence of water flowing around a mountain. The void of the public areas represents the flowing sea and the merging of people while the solid nature of the private areas represents an unwavering mountain. Within the undulating forms of the open floor area sweeping lines of metal floor inlay direct circulation around enclosed rooms bringing the symbol of the sea and the confluence of people to life.
The smooth minimalist lines on the floor are echoed within the patterns and geometry of the ceiling guiding visitors to different programmatic zones. Accent lights adorn the ceiling in a scattered array of stars. A fine textured pattern on the walls expresses the interconnectivity of a virtual net while a water fountain in the center of the floor serves as a focal point and connects all lines.
The mountains, embodied by the various functional zones, create a dazzling array of scales and spatial relationships for the guests. The traditional tea room features an image of a mountain acknowledging the legacy and longevity of the guests' career. The modern lines of the mountain outline in the meeting room create a minimalist, high-efficiency environment. The abstract mountain elements in the main client room cater to the creativity energy of the younger generation.  The form created by the outlying rooms is steady and grounded while the form of the inner spaces is diverse and flowing, serving people of all ages, connecting the past and future.
The unique texture and form of the washed rock along the sea, like the city of Zhuhai, is showcased using a linear pattern.The linear pattern on the rock becomes a major design language for the public area. The space between the lines are used as bookshelves. People who sit there waiting for their consultant, will be washed with enlightenment of nature and the words.

Entry details
LocationZhuhai - China
Studio NameYSPractice
Lead designerTingting Yu
Design teamJindi Zhong, Zaoyang Li, Remy Li
Consultant teamYSPractice
Photography creditsACT
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