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Zhongnan Zhangjian Town /Commercial Street

Hangzhou north south boundary space design Co., Ltd

Short description

The case is located in Changle Town, Haimen District, Nantong city. It is the hometown of Zhang Jian (1853-1926), a famous industrialist, politician and educator in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. The old city of Changle, where his former residence was located, was named "Jianli town" because of the old street renewal plan carried out by Zhongnan cultural tourism based on Zhang Jian culture. Our company has undertaken the interior design of all commercial shops and immersive live game "Drama Box" on Changtai street in the town. The overall design language is integrated with the whole block, extending the four design elements of the building "cat face hook, green brick wall, wood veneer and green stone slab" to the interior, integrating modern concrete into the ancient buildings that continue the traditional style, inheriting and reshaping the local culture (such as planting and dyeing, blue printed cloth, guqin, bamboo weaving, brick wall, etc.), and integrating the old look with the new look. The tiles and green bricks used indoors are preserved or reproduced in the original Changle old street. The memories of the river and the sea are inherited indoors and outdoors. The brand stories of each store are closely related to the history of Changle Town.

Entry details
Location Jiangsu, China
Studio NameHangzhou north south boundary space design Co., Ltd
Lead designerEric He
Photography creditsHangzhou north south boundary space design Co., Ltd
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