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Zhongliang Binhai One Life House

Chanku and Partners

Short description

In this case, the design team put emphasis on the dimensional experience of luxury houseboat, wavering on the flowing sea, with palace over sea as the theme. In doing so, people feel as if enjoying an elegant banquet of houseboat.
The design team introduce the concept of the Mobius ring for the circulation design in consideration of the limitation of the space. Therefore, the transition of scenes is achieved in a natural circular way in such a spindle-shaped space, so called as a discovery journey of circular co-existence.
Starting from a golden compass, we kick off our journey. There are numerous winding routes along the guide of compass. The console is designed as a grand ship with a fine brass base, thus a scene of sailing comes into our mind at the first sight of it. The smooth lines of the console extends visitors’ sight and naturally leads them into the negotiation space.
Following the golden route, visitors comes to the sandbox area first. The inspiration of the design of sandbox comes from the "sardine storm" in the depths of the ocean. The decoration of lights full of the beauty of fluid dynamics, in the shape of spiral whirlpool, extend the space infinitely through the reflection of the ceiling mirrors. The sandbox is exactly in the center of the eye of the storm, inadvertently drawing people’s attention on the one hand. By virtue of the space symbols, the designer shows respect and love to the marine culture.
Visitors surprisingly feel cozy and comfortable when coming to the negotiation area, as if in a fiord port. The console and water bar are into one, thus forming a smooth arc. The post-modern luxury sofa set, full of soft winding arc, echoes with the console.

Entry details
LocationTianjin - China
Studio NameChanku and Partners
Lead designerLei Feng
Design teamTing Su, Yujie Yao
Photography creditsENV STUDIO
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