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Zhonghai Sunshine Oak


Short description

This project is located in Shenzhen, one of the three major economies in China. As a high-density modern urban residential area, the opening and closing space of the garden is relatively limited, and the surrounding available landscape space is insufficient. Through the construction of landscape, the garden will be built into a self-contained complex public community space integrated with architecture and landscape.
In response to the future development of the city and corresponding to the future urban positioning of Shenzhen, we take the urban forest as the design core, and integrate the modern life mode of the project with the emphasis on the environment and the health of residents, so as to shorten the distance between nature and the city. From the inside to the outside, we achieve the transition between tranquility and prosperity, and take the architectural layout as the entry point to link the overhead layout of each unit to carry out the design to ensure the linkage and penetration of functions and to explore more spatial value.
In order to ensure the combination of life and art, we use modern building methods, combined with artistic expression, to create a sense of experience, atmosphere and full of details of the public community space. Through function combined with scene construction, we create a picture scroll gallery through the garden in the form of art picture scroll, so as to achieve walking experience of one step with one landscape and form an urban artistic and natural habitat.
In order to enhance the utilization value of space and make it more smooth and hierarchical, we use arc as the main line and white as the color tone to infiltrate the life experience and sensory aesthetics of art into the garden, so as to achieve enduring artistic value. We combine the winding forest path with the lines with full tension, integrate the unified line shape and graphics into the garden road, framework, water feature, flower pool, functional space and landscape sketch, and use the transformation of line shape and space to enrich the scene.
The water feature of the core atrium is inspired by the natural Thousand Island Lake. We use the arc and linear space division and the extension of the line of sight to elevate the landscape flower pool to the nearest scale to give reverie of unlimited space in the limited depth. We make use of the green islands scattered and interlocking with each other, and use the sparkling water face, the line waterfall and the floating booth to enrich and strengthen the first visual experience of entering the garden, so as to form a residential landscape integrating natural mountains with humanities and art.
We build a children's park with the theme of "acorn", and follow the design technique of "BIG DUCK" in concept to customize IP Xiaosongbao with giant acorn as the main body. We take nature, fun, art and creativity as the starting point to form an emotionally connected site by adhering to the principle of "full-age, parent-child and interaction", and take "science popularization, natural education and social education" as the theme to create an organic environment of "self-organization, self-growth and extensibility".
In order to cope with the future development of the city, we integrate nature, art and life in a unique way, pay attention to the environment and health and advocate sports and cultivation, so as to return to peaceful life experience and strive for the development of the city and the future.

Entry details
LocationShenzhen - China
Studio NameBLUES
Lead designerDa Zhang
Design teamHai Li , Shuang Bai , Yafeng Xiang , Ya Huang , Guiwei Zhu , Xiao Hu , Lihang Yang
Photography creditsCarter Photography
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