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Yunnan Vanke · Park City

Landao design

Project description

When we pay attention to space, the vast universe often shows us a mysterious color and an endless end. The galaxies in the universe, black holes, wormholes, magnetic fields, star orbits and other mysterious phenomena… these natural forces are full of magical colors, leaving deep imprints in our minds, forming the initial concept of this design. We hope to place ourselves in the vast universe to feel attentively about the habitat of the future world, and describe a future world where everything grows based on what we have seen and heard in the outer space. At the entrance, we introduce the concept of space-time wormholes and use the connectivity of wormholes to bring people into the future world. It adopts a natural meandering form to be integrated with the texture of the earth, from two-dimensional space to three-dimensional space, defining the outer space and the future world. At this moment, a microcosm of the future world is vaguely visible. The shape of the Time & Space Tower is wrapped in layers of the natural form of the nebula in the universe, gathering the most natural energy in the space, and bursting out a hot light beam. The energy contained in the Time & Space Tower emits a powerful magnetic field, which connects the stars. The stars surrounding the tower have their own unique charms. Their star orbits and the tower are intertwined and merged to form an eternal space. Children are the hope of the future, and adventure is children's exploration of the unknown world. They run on the star track bridge, through the treetops, rushing to the sky, and then slowly sliding down around the Time and Space Hourglass, and they enjoy the surprises brought by the cosmic magnetic field. The elders gather together leisurely, watching the flowers and trees and the overlapping lights and shadows. Young people are on their skateboards to challenge the limits on the undulating ground. Commercial blocks are like particles scattered in the universe. They are a space form that integrates internal and external relations and space penetration. Some life particles take root and sprout here, creating a harmonious coexistence of particle space. Life particles turn into small grasses and fall into the life magnetic field next to the commercial district. The infinitely long curve is the abstraction of the universe. They gather here to outline the mountains and rivers as how life looks like. Residents here enjoy the life space endowed by the universe, and dream about what life will be at the end of the universe. At the end of the universe, the lush forest seems to be what our earth once looked like. In the lowest part of the undulating grassland, water is available in accordance with the situation, presenting a wetland landscape with the theme of plant ecological diversity. The sales center is like a space station full of natural atmosphere from the inside to the outside. The site is located in an open but undeveloped place. It is more than two hundred meters away from the nearest municipal road. How to maximize the visibility of the project has become our primary consideration. Therefore, the Time & Space Tower has become a must-have significant landmark. As a curved structure with a height of about 36 meters, the internal steel frame, external facing curtain wall, and the lighting determine the final presentation effect of the Tower. We worked closely with the developer and the steel structure team to use 3D printing technology to produce a sample of the prefabricated tower first. After confirming the effect, we started the production of related components. During the on-site construction process, we timely followed up and controlled the verticality of the steel structure installation of the Tower, the smoothness of the curtain wall installation, the quality of the three-stage painting on the exterior surface and the quality of the lighting installation details, so as to finally ensure the completion of the Time & Space Tower.

Project details
Location:Kunming, China
Studio NameLandao design
Lead designerSun Han
Design teamWu Xuejiao, Li Jiangfan, Yan Yucheng, Fang Xi, Kang Yue, Zhao Wenjun, Li Yan, Guo Guyue, Fang Liang, Yang Tao, Zou Chuanchao, Lin Jianying, Zhou Di
Photography creditsTriangular prism
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