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Hangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd

Short description

Taking inspiration from Shuixizhuang, a local traditional place with rich cultural accumulation, the design team put forward such kind of design concept, that is, combing garden with mountains and waters to convey the beauty of ancient and modern times, trying to show the beauty of Chinese traditional gardens in modern cities and create multi-level artistic conception in limited space. The owners can appreciate four different landscapes: mountains and rivers, gardens, courtyards and cities; Meanwhile, the pleasant spatial scale of the traditional space is retained. The lanes, courtyards and buildings cultivates a sense of domain and belonging for the residents. The decoration of traditional elements provide owners with profound spatial experience one the one hand, and echo with the need for space function, which is in line with the lifestyle of modern people in a better way.
As for the planning and design of the roadway and the activity space, the design team draw inspiration from Suzhou classical garden, and create the artistic conception of the garden by emphasizing on details. There are twists and turns in the straight road, and ups and downs in the soothing place. Therefore, the residents can experience changing landscape in the turning and roundabout space.
As for the design of landscape, taking inspiration from Haihe River, the designers put up with the design concept, try to reflect the Oriental charm of urban cities in modern times. By extracting the scene of Haihe culture, the design team divert attention to the foreign-style houses by deriving and reconstructing. Based on modern style, it is endowed with Oriental temperament, achieving an integration between external space and internal emotion. Moreover, we extract the cultural artistic conception of "Haihe Building" in Haihe culture, and combine the traditional cultures, making sure that an ideal residence with high-end luxury temperament is created.

Entry details
LocationTianjin - China
Studio NameHangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd
Lead designerFan Ge
Design teamYingyi Lou, Xin Zhao, Yixiang Pei, Qin He, Hongyuan Wang, Hongyang Sun
Photography creditsHangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd
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