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Yuan Chinese Cuisine

Dexign Matter Studio

Short description

Yuan Chinese cuisine - nestled on the busy area of Yonge and Finch at North York, Canada. A modern Chinese-style dining space inspired by the beauty of natural materials, textures coupled with the humanistic feel of Chinese ink and wash painting. The design aspires to blend the rich characteristics of these elements into the interior space.
In the vestibule area, an elegant white veined black marble stone dresses up the walls. The eye-catching veining of the material was meticulously selected to symbolize water flowing thru a small stream in a valley. Adjacent to this material is a wood finished accent wall with a circular back-lit niche, within it is a wood branch décor symbolic of the nature inspired design concept.
A stunning custom-built counter acts as the main focal point of the interior space. This feature is a curated masterpiece, a subtle green leaf silhouette backlit with a frosted glass front can be seen carved within a rich black marble. The idea was to pay homage to traditional Chinese landscape painting.
The east and west end wall of the interior serves as a huge canvas and backdrop for the entire design. A monochromatic mural artwork reminiscent of an old Chinese calligraphy was created to express an appreciation of Chinese culture in a modern setting.

The color palette of neutral greys and rich walnut wood exudes warmth and sophistication. This high-end modern Chinese restaurant is a true feast for the senses, offering a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. It's the perfect destination for those seeking an elevated dining experience, where artistry and culinary mastery come together in perfect harmony.

Entry details
Lead designerZoe Lee
Photography creditsBrian So
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