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YouChoose Holdings Office Complex

Beijing China Virtue Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Short description

The project consists of two single-buildings, which are the quadrangle courtyard office building and the golf club. In order to meet the office and business needs of the young team, the design focuses on the quadrangle courtyard garden, associate with the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of "office building space and golf club", to create a humanistic office complex of Chinese traditional courtyard.

The transformation takes the Oriental thought into consideration, integrate the traditional concept of "the best is like water". The courtyard design borrows the water-like curve to soften the traditional architecture of upright and foursquare order, focusing on the "Pavilion" in the courtyard as the finishing touch, combined with the building structure covered with green plants on the ramp, soften the impact of facing the building on the space of four office buildings, integrate with the courtyard in the form of hills, to create a sharing space for employees to receive guests, party and rest.

The building of quadrangle courtyard is a two-story Chinese antique building, part of which is a single-story building. The internal office space meets the dual needs of office function and aesthetics through simple and modern design forms, together with the permeability of floor glass, to change the dull and closed indoor atmosphere of traditional buildings. A circular skylight is specially opened in the underground area of the office building to introduce light and shadow into the exhibition hall to improve the overall transparency.

Entry details
LocationBeijing, China
Lead designerChunli Zhang
Design teamXianna Shi, Yukun Gong
Photography creditsYonggang Zhong
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