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Yiyun International Community Landscape

Shanghai Lacime Design Co. Ltd.

Project description

Located in Kunming, the cultural context coincides with the design concept of featuring the local context and city memories. Starting from oriental philosophy, the landscape design aims to create diversified space changes to arise different emotional changes in visitors, thereby generating different moods. Based on the three-entry courtyard layout, the overall design creates the scenes of surging spring, pines in mist, and waterside landscape separately in the front courtyard, atrium and open main garden, emphasizing the visiting experience. Linear elements almost run through the entire landscape design and curve elements of the building roof is echoed in the core landscape in each scene, so as to enhance the cultural experience and visual impact and stimulate psychological sympathy. The ancient pavilion stands next to the water in the most primitive and simple form without modern decoration, which seems to form a dialogue with the architecture on the ancient and the modern.

Project details
Location:Kunming - China
Studio NameShanghai Lacime Design Co. Ltd.
Lead designerZhang Yi
Design teamHuang Bingqin, Xie Weifeng, Zhang Shuheng, Tan Zhuangxin, Yi Qiaoyu ,Zhu Dingyuan, Jia Junyao, Wu Beili, Chen Jie, Xu Sheng
Photography creditsChen Yuning and Luan Qi
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