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YINGYAO Sandware Museum Complex


Project description

The overall design of the Sand Museum takes full advantage of Yingjing’s regional culture and landscape and ecological background,and is conceived with a concept that stands out from the entire ancient building area.The buildings use a large number of solid walls as the facade design to highlight the thickness of sandware.The sense of heaviness makes the main body of sandware the only focal point of cultural dialogue,and the building grows in a way that adapts to the terrain.The open space becomes a communication stage for people to discuss sandware culture and study sandware craftsmanship. The building echoes each other through a naturally unfolding wall and the circular sacrificial kiln banquet building under the wall, creating a more shocking visual experience and space perception. At the same time, using the method of framed scene composition, on the visual scale of pedestrians, the visual space is expanded to the distant landscape on a large scale, like an expanding drawing scroll. On the other side, facing the distant landscape, the outer skin of the grid and the large-area floor-to-ceiling windows are used to form a virtual and solid effect that is surrounded by mountains and rivers in the overall perception.

Project details
Location:Yingjing - China
Studio Namea9architects
Lead designerYuejiu Li
Design teamYuejiu Li, Ale, Hao Zhu, Xinyi Shen
Photography creditsARCH-Exist Photographer
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