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YILINMEI Aesthetic Medical Space


Short description

Under the influence of "consumer upgrade", the development of domestic medical beauty industry is flourishing and the scale of users is growing year by year. Under the influence of the face value era, people's consumption demand for beauty and body care is becoming more and more diverse, which brings the continuous growth of the beauty industry in the commercial space.

As Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory says, when people's living standard improves, they will love the pursuit of beauty more after satisfying the rich material life. As a medical beauty space that carries the functional attribute of "making people beautiful", its requirements for space conception and design will only be higher.

"YILINMEI Aesthetic Medical Space" is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, China, and is designed by WEISHI Design. Although the project is located in a second-tier city in China, it has a refreshing spatial presentation in terms of both functional thinking and design aesthetics.

WEISHI Design starts from the spatial spirit of medical beauty service, stripping away the various reasons people give to beauty and body, extracting its essential description, and carrying out a comprehensive embodiment of business, shape and sense of self, returning to the pure pursuit of beauty and giving the most relaxing and soothing emotional value to each person who arrives at the space.

The design techniques based on aesthetics are integrated with the consideration of lifestyle and spatial atmosphere, combining the sensual abstraction of light and shadow, sound and color with the figurative realism of tables, chairs and cabinets. Based on the understanding of the spirit of space, we create a light fluidity and breathability, as well as the inner peace and calmness brought by naturalism, which is a living body of medical beauty space that is in tune with the soul and continues to grow with the trajectory of time.

Entry details
LocationLinyi City, China
Studio NameWEISHI Design
Lead designerZhu Xuening
Photography creditsWEISHI Design
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