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Yechun Teahouse

S5 Design

Short description

Yechun Teahouse is a famous natural garden-style teahouse in Yangzhou, close to the water source and hidden among green willows and streams. The environment is very quiet, as the body in poetry and painting.
Yechun Teahouse is located beside the Wuxi Canal. The ancient Wuxi Canal is a section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, connecting the Yangtze River in the north and Taihu Lake in the south. It is more than 40 kilometers long and runs through the urban area of Wuxi.
The designer takes traditional Chinese villages in Jiangnan as the blueprint. The low-rise building is set against the surrounding stunning lake view, providing a perfect expression of tranquility and ease.
Designers extract wood, brick, tile, and other typical materials from traditional Chinese architecture to achieve the symbiosis and combination of tradition and modernity. The simple gray-walled shingles and gabled roofs echo the surrounding white-walled and tiled buildings, like a natural community sculpted by time. In addition, the multiple courtyards and the second-floor patios interlace with soft garden waterside pavilions, which fully confirm the traditional Chinese architectural concept. Visitors can feel the new space, level, and atmosphere at each turn.
This project is based on the ancient building, with light and soft modeling forms and a delicate framework implanted inside. Modern language is integrated into the traditional literati mansion, and the old frame is written into the new language to describe the exquisite literati life aesthetics.
The structure of the ceiling expresses the aesthetics of Jiangnan literati in the space in the form of deconstruction. The array aesthetic feeling combined with the delicate and meticulous rods is solemn and flexible.

Entry details
LocationWuxi - China
Studio Name S5 Design
Lead designerFan Riqiao
Photography creditsYUUUUN STUDIO / S5 Design
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