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SWS Group + Harmony World Consultant & Design

Project description

The designer draws inspiration from the light and shadow of time and infuses the natural ecological elements into the lifestyle of the project through the expression techniques of contemporary art, immersing in the texture of space design, telling the poetic life of contemporary urbanites enjoying nature slowly. The designer penetrates the natural aesthetics of inclusiveness into every detail of the space, and clever works of art coexist and blend with the space, as if the natural poetry grows out of the space, which has a strong appeal. The beautiful floral art, the furniture with log texture, and the soft furnishings construct the space with timeliness and space, convey the attitude to life, and realize the return of the heart.

Project details
Location:Shanghai - China
Studio NameSWS Group + Harmony World Consultant & Design
Lead designerSWS Group + Harmony World Consultant & Design
Photography creditsSWS Group + Harmony World Consultant & Design
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