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Interior | Concept & Unbuilt

Yangtze Shipping Office

GP Design

Project description

Located in Wuhan, China, , which is the hub of China's transportation and shipping, the Yangtze Shipping Office has both well developed roads and water routes. In order to present the shipping history and corporate culture, shipping and sailing elements are featured in the space design. The cutting surface of stone is applied in the lobby to echo with the theme, where several different kinds of stones are combined together to form the pattern of sailing. Besides, some columns and marble enveloping surface form the shape of prow; while the ceiling and crystal chandelier have the rhythm of water flow, highlighting the theme in details. The office design is mainly made from stone with gray palette, embellished by some white and bright metal, wood finishes and streamlined furniture to create a cool, calm and efficient working space.

Project details
Location:Wuhan - China
Studio NameGP Design
Lead designerLuo Yang
Photography creditsGP Design
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