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Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital

Lemanarc SA

Short description

Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital brings a precise design which explores a better professional services from both gynaecologists and obstetrics. This improvement of efficiency is explored through this unique form which aims to make childbirth and its related medical treatments as positively memorable as possible.

The soft curved building provides an independent maternity garden, gynaecology garden, inpatient garden and even a sunken garden for the outdoor of the hospital. From the entrance, the obstetrics and gynaecologists have their own circulation paths and do not interfere with each other. The well-arranged curves of the building brings a closer feeling of the sky garden which is located in the inner space of each floor. 

Its interior is rational and is designed with clear circulation and functional modules. The internal orthogonal modular design allows various medical functions to be easily replaced and developed, making it a flexible space that can adapt to future treatments.   

Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital provides a full chain of services from pre-delivery all the way to post-natal rehabilitation and childcare growth. All these services have thoroughly taken into consideration the professionals and users well-being. Giving them as well as their companions privacy is essential for interiorising each step during pregnancy and childbirth.

Advanced technologies have been integrated to maximise the building’s environmental factors; sunshine considerations, ventilation strategies, shading mechanisms and rainwater recover are some of the processes that help improve its energy saving. From the warmth of the interior to the lightness of the facade mesh; from the endless dandelion painting to the central lounge filled with sunshine and moonlight, the Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital is a place to celebrate fertility.

Entry details
LocationXiamen - China
Studio Name Lemanarc SA
Lead designerVincent Zhang
Design teamDaniel Pauli, Cao Feng ,Xia Jinling, Dong Weibin, Cristiano Sardinha, Casiana Kennedey
Photography creditsXia Qiang, Li Zhihui and Vincent Zhang
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