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Xi PHOTO Top Luxury Custom Photography Mysterious Labyrinth

Scope Design

Short description

Xi PHOTO, the top luxury custom wedding photography brand under Alvin Group, has settled in Lohkah Hotel & Spa (a luxury urban resort hotel in Xiamen as well as the only member hotel of the Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) in the southern part of China), with an 8,000m² invincible secret labyrinth and a private coastal view. It has also assembled Alvin's top portrait photography tutors, styling tutors and post-production tutors.

The first level: use the linkage between reasonable sales movement paths and local parts to reasonably connect the seven major functional areas of wedding photography (i.e., the reception hall, the negotiation area, the top-level dress area, the general set area, the dressing room & product area, and the studio) to create a space atmosphere of changing scenes with every step;

The second level: the new space presents a private, high-level mysterious atmosphere through light perception remodeling. The contrast between the luxurious luster of black stones and the original texture of the warm-colored micro-cement façade adds to the richness of sensory experience. The warm light, materials, façade shapes, and various functional areas are re-presented in the dark style. Meanwhile, light sources are arranged in an orderly manner through points, lines and planes. The depth of black and the warmth of yellow. The bright and the dark entwines a sense of beauty flowing in the serene space, reinterpreting the more profound concept of a high-end private club: the merger of restraint and publicity.

The third level: pay attention to detail design and craftsmanship. Everything depends on the designers’ years of design experience and understanding of the wedding photography space, so as to create a comfortable and pleasant sense of private zone and texture.

Entry details
LocationXiamen, China
Studio NameScope Design
Lead designerWeng De, Liang Jianfeng
Photography creditsHe Chuan (Here Space)
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