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Wuxi Shangxian Wetland 4 Green Core Urban Developments


Short description

In developing the Wuxi Shangxian Wetland, four new landmark waterfront developments have been created to promote cultural heritage, future innovation, civic administration, and hospitality. Each is drawn from three concepts: strategies drawn from Wuxi’s rich cultural history and its symbiotic relation with water, utilizing ecology in nature-inspired designs, and embedding sustainability and low carbon technologies. These developments enliven and renew community interactions with water and stimulate business and leisure activities, bringing people, culture, and nature together and creating a culturally and ecology-rooted narrative. The design dissolves the barriers between the designed space and the natural environment creating a holistic vision that connects the past to the future of Wuxi.

Entry details
LocationWuxi - China
Studio NameAECOM
Lead designerAECOM
Design teamShirley Chen, Lukasz Podlewski, William Chang, Dimbber Ondo, Jason Pasion, Eva Hu
Photography creditsAECOM
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