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Wuhan MixC


Short description

The design of Wuhan Mix C prioritized the creation of a unique city landmark that respect and enhance the quality of life and the community. The space has now become a popular retail destination that sets a precedent for future mixed commercial development. With the vision of curating a new identity with distinct and active programming, great emphasis was placed on respecting and accentuating the adjacent natural assets of Wuhan. The retail space is designed to be a green oasis for visitors and thus, a strong urban green axis was formed after connecting Wuhan Mix C with the four nearby existing lakes. As a major gateway node, the Welcome Plaza features a serene gathering amphitheater for locals and tourists, with playful water features and lush planting.

Entry details
LocationWuhan - China
Studio NameAECOM
Lead designerAECOM
Design teamDavid Jung, Thanida Rakvongthai, Vorrarit Anantsorrarak, Nini, Stacy Deng, Ryan Yao
Photography creditsAECOM
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