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World War II Memorial Peace Park

MLA Landscape Architects Sdn Bhd

Short description

The Landscape Design Theme - TROPICAL GARDEN

The site of World War II Memorial Peace Park is situated in the center of Kuala Lumpur City, Kwong Tong Cemetery reserved land, is to recognize the terrible period in our history of 1941, this symbolic design shall be a constant reminder of the value of peace to future generation.
The sculptural Peace Park is a clear expression of human emotion of disharmony of war, terrorism and conflict by the sharp edges and jagged lines as compared to the harmonies curvaceous silhouette of the Memorial Tower. The Monument represents the place where the bomb is dropped and exploded. This is where the shape of the monument came into and blooms into the Hibiscus Memorial Peace Tower which represents Malaysia National flower. On both sides of this explosion, the fragmentation of the earth represents two conflicting opponents. The East side raised garden, represents the Attacking Japanese Army whereas on the West side raised garden is our Defending Malaysian Armed Force. Design of the raised platform is fragmented with sharp and jagged edges as result of the explosion leading towards the monument, forming the tension of 2 countries in conflict.
For the Plaza of Peace & Serenity, it is facilitated by fragmented seating courtyard for contemplation and meditation. Raised garden wall in bullets shots textured, seat in courtyard with concrete broken edges, are to inspire the ambiance of war period.

This symbolism is carried through by the selection of plant materials with three significant color combinations.
Hibiscus rosa sinensis (red), Nicolaia elatior (red) and Plumeria rubra (red) – Explosion and blood.
Alocosia macrorrhiza (black stem) and Bambusa lako – Burned and ashes.
Wrightia antidysenterica (white), Nicolaia elatior (white) and Costus speciosa (white) – Peace and harmony.
The final message for peace is the flocks of white doves in complete freedom that graces the sky.

Entry details
LocationKuala Lumpur. Malaysia
Lead designerLAr. Nik Malik Zainal Abidin / LAr. Michael Lip Yoke Cheong
Design teamMs Tan Ban Shiang
Photography creditsMLA Landscape Architects Sdn Bhd
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