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Building Pictures / JJTeixeira

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The documentary ‘Woodstories’, directed by Building Pictures, is a tribute to wood which tells eight stories narrated by eight architects. The story unfolds in different chapters: Memories, Application, Senses, Comfort, Sustainability, Time, Carpenters, and Industry. During the film, the architects – Carlos Azevedo, Diogo Aguiar, Diogo Zenha Morais, Francisco Vieira de Campos, Graça Correia, João Luís Carrilho da Graça, João Mendes Ribeiro, Laura Lupini, Luís Sobral and Manuel Aires Mateus – discuss the importance of wood in Portuguese architecture from the time we were born until the future.
Throughout the documentary, we asked several questions about wood and identified similar points of view between the architects. We create a narrative with these points, and all the invited architects talk to each other about this topic.
From chapter to chapter, we discover that the stories of architects are also the stories of all of us because, after all, – and as the architect João Mendes Ribeiro emphasizes: “There is no one who doesn’t like wood”.

Entry details
LocationPorto - Portugal
Design teampromoter: J&J Teixeira - Wood Engineering Tailors; production: Carla Maia; film: Building Pictures; directed by: Sara Nunes; camera: Sara Nunes; edition: Sara Nunes e Diogo Cunha; sound design: Ana Pedro subtitles: Eva Magro; music: Secrets of the Earth by Lama House; Want To Love It by STEMS MELODY
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