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WONBLY Art Center


Short description

Taking inspiration form natural scenery, the designer takes the eye of sky as the visual center of the whole building. The staircase is a link that connects different functional zones. The original two-story building is changed to four floors, which not only expands the usable space area, but makes the visual experience more compact and content. In this way, it expands the usable space area while making the visual experience more compact and content. Furthermore, the space obtains a larger operating area that accommodates more products and ensures people have more space experience.
In the first floor, the clothing hanger with black steel frame structure is like an isolated existence, independent and proud, but is an excellent device to catch people's attention. In the curvaceous space, this kind of clothing hanger breaks the softness and silence of the space precisely. This kind of conflict can exploit the maximum commercial value of the space, and its attention makes this place the best product display area.
There are many kinds of beautiful lines in nature, such as terraced fields and flowing water, which give birth to life and bring opportunities for human reproduction. The repeated lines are vibrant and desirable rather than monotonous. We make use of this beautiful range and the simplest materials to outline the details of the whole space and describe the complex lasting for thousands of years.
Getting rid of artificial beauty, we use two elements of rough and delicate to express the feeling of space, use the traces of nature to deduce the great beauty, show wisdom and attitude by beautiful clothes, and interpret the comfortable concept of the brand by soft lines and light, thus helping WONBLY with its transformation and upgrading.

Entry details
LocationChangsha - China
Studio NameAC DESIGN
Lead designerAC DESIGN
Photography credits1988 Vision
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