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White Forest

ACG Design International

Short description

When the designer was traveling in Geneva, the Everest of the Alps covered in white snow was in sight; the structured changes of snow were shown at those smoggy points as if milky flowers blooming in a forest within those areas with deep clouds and mists. The designer applied “Language of Flowers” as the central concept and combined it with the touches of that trip to create layers of emotions. The depth of the elements is composed between abstracts and concretes; the language of flowers is shaped with abstracts, comparing humans to stamens. Within the transformations of lights and shadows, different appearances and colors are shown through the changing of time: Eternity shall bloom in the bottom of one’s heart, a pure flower with beauty and infinity. “We hope to create a pure atmosphere in the space, an atmosphere as if time goes by, but the surrounding is static.” In the interior design, the designer brought back the deep impression of the Alps while traveling in Geneva and combined it with the owner’s favorite flower concept to elaborate and design. After calibrating the design elements exquisitely, the designer applied accurate and coordinated ratio transformations between abstracts and concretes and further delivered a visual depth of field through various methodical features; they are the metaphors for the clear mountain springs of the Alps. Meanwhile, the terrazzo base with shades of gray has drawn a parallel towards the odd rocks in forests. Concretes can be seen from the entryway’s marble façade, artworks of Taiwanese artists that were glaze fired and painted, and the three-stamen furnishing at the vista of the hallway. With exquisite ratio transforms, special pink ficus paints combined with the white-colored walls, the designer has exquisitely and gently delivered the pure atmosphere of flowers blooming.

Entry details
Studio NameACG Design International
Lead designerPO-CHUAN KAO
Design teamPO-CHUAN KAO
Photography creditsACG Design International
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