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NorthRock Design

Short description

There are three floors in the project. In the design, moving areas with frequent communication such as sales reception and nail art are arranged on the first floor. The second floor is all set as VIP rooms with strong privacy; The first underground floor is designed as a small leisure space, with video room, small bar, simple meal production and other functions.
The main functional areas are reasonably divided according to dynamic and static, and the smooth moving line design accurately grasps the psychological fluctuations of customers, so that every customer can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed beauty care experience, so as to improve consumption expectations and satisfaction.
The inspiration of the reception area comes from "canal culture", one of the five characteristic cultures of Jining. The arched ceiling symbolizes the sail, and the LOGO background wall is the extension of the concept of waves. The combination of the two expresses a "positive and unbreakable" attitude towards life, which is exactly the aesthetic concept hemu aesthetics wants to convey to customers.
Nail salon area and leisure waiting area continue to use the elements of waves, using different shades of blue wave board to divide the space, so that the space presents a sense of harmony and unity as a whole, as well as a restrained and low-key sense of senior.
Most notable is the central spiral staircase. Pure white appearance, very sculptural curve, not only as the connecting hub of space, but also as a magnificent work of art, bringing the visual beauty beyond imagination.
The order of the second floor is different from the open circulation of the first floor. Because the positioning is high-end beauty care, more attention is paid to privacy, and a large number of private rooms are arranged.

Entry details
LocationJining - China
Studio NameNorthRock Design
Lead designerYu Yuan, Li Guangzheng
Design teamGuo Fengmei
Photography creditsHei Yao Shi
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