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Water Pavilion + Ecoduct

Apaloosa Estudio de Arquitectura y Diseño

Project description

Mexico City, in this current awareness, is developing projects and facilities that take water as their theme. On an urban scale, the Ecoducto project is notable – it seeks to recover the Río Piedad, which is currently piped and forms part of the Viaducto Miguel Alemán, which is in turn defined based on its interaction with water networks and natural catchments. Its architectural programme is rooted in a central block that contains a learning space for workshops, a restroom, and storage. The enclosure gives the pavilion its essence and is supported by pilings in a perimeter which, in turn, contain limitless possibilities to carry out activities and to enjoy the space itself, without losing its connection to the urban environment. Three planes facing the sky on its shortest angle allow the tectonic object to subtly touch the site and provide a virtual definition to the spaces inside, as well as the contour/void ratio and the limits between its interior and exterior. The volume is formed from the edge of the property that emerges from a point to produce a public space that is accessed through the exhibition hall. This proposal is a virtual projection of the space contained in the site that frames the urban layout. It also respects the public flow of traffic and the urban landscape through elevated panels that define the contour/void ratio and the limits between its interior and exterior.

Project details
Location:Viaducto Miguel Alemán Colonia del Valle Norte s/n 03100 cdmx
Studio NameApaloosa Estudio de Arquitectura y Diseño
Lead designerLuis Armando Gómez Solórzano
Design teamEmmanuel Coutiño Netro, Victor Ernesto López Cordero, Gianca Reyes Olguín
Photography creditsCésar Béjar, Jaime Navarro
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