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Walt Disney Concert Hall

Photographed by:

Adam Sturino


Brief description

There is not much that hasn't already been said about the Walt Disney Concert Hall. My goal for this series was to photograph this iconic piece of architecture in a raw yet sophisticated manner. The end results in a series of photographs that demonstrate the visceral energy that radiates off of the building, by blurring the line between fine art photography and architectural photography. The shapes and curvature of the Walt Disney Concert Hall dance with shadows and light and beckon onlookers to come closer and peer evermore into their timeless shapes. The minimal facade of the building naturally lent itself to the black and white medium - a choice that was purposely done in order to convey a sense of timelessness to viewer. I also wanted to capture and portray a sense of abstractness, in order to accurately evoke the feeling that one gets when seeing this work of art in person for the first time.

Entry details
Photographer NameAdam Sturino
Photographer Studio / CompanyAdam Sturino Photography
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Photography creditsAdam Sturino, Adam Sturino Photography
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