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W Chengdu

Glyph Design Studio Inc.

Short description

“Du titude”
Design concept was drawn from the local culture of Chengdu citizens’ committed life of Hedonism. It Sparks curiosity in an adventurous and edgy celebration of theatrical arts in daily life settings. Designed to provide an otherworldly experience rich with brand values and imagination. Guests are engaged within spaces by ways of storytelling within the context of physical, social, and historical indigenous elements: Natural colors from the wonders of Jiuzhaigou, motifs extracted from Si Chung Opera, and prominent history of poets and poems.
Created as an immersive hotel experience, guests are not only be seen in this theatrical setting but also become part of the performance. Sophisticated and sensual with ample playfulness. Custom elements are beautifully resolved: selection of stone coloration and special layout arrangements, over-scaled Shu Brocade-inspired wall graphics, and large suspended metal mesh echoes the drama of sweeping curtains. Fluidity is also reflected in the furniture collection, organic forms are chosen to echo the beauty of Chengdu’s surrounding environments. Public engagement through design by sensory stimulation, touch and material exploration allows guests and locals alike to experience the best of Chengdu within W.
The W Living Room offers 100 seat capacity. Spatial requirements with W brand’s lens include Bar and DJ Booth, communal, semi-private, private seating, and runway circulation. The design is an equilibrium between brand identity on bold and witty VS. Client’s desire for an enduring scheme. The DJ booth is a feature in all W Hotels, our design must capture cultural imagination but with its own distinct identity. A center-staged Bian Lian Oculus raised to stand in focus beyond. Vibrant colors were consciously removed to allow for LED programmable patterns. Eclectic furniture placement within the main space are not only rooted in Chengdu’s local culture but also a dynamic dialogue between old and new.

Entry details
LocationChengdu, China
Lead designerGary Chan
Design teamPolly Chan, Marion Liu, Vicky Lo, Erica Cheung, Bora Yang, Ayako Sugino, Teresa Leung, Raymond Chan, Vanassa Chan, Carol Yeung, Ivy Choi, Yao Xu
Photography creditsRay Fang
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