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Vivian Boutique


Short description

The project is located in Zhengzhou, China, with an area of 135m². Concrete and metal produce cool tones. Dotted by yellow and blue fabrics, the space is full of layers and an intriguing vibe. Orange-red ceiling and the part below are contrasting and complement the ambience of the hard-style space, subtly achieving a harmonious balance. To conceive a space unique to this brand, the designers explored the brand’s culture and value with the client.
In a limited space, it’s important to attract consumers to interact with commodities and maximize displaying effects. Arrangement of circulation route and show windows is the starting point of the design. The project arranges show windows at every angle and expands interior space. To lengthen circulation route, selling area is at the front and fitting rooms are set at the back, with a hidden checkout counter. The most basic color palette of blue, yellow and red are added to avoid weary visual effects. Once hung, clothes become the display focus.

Entry details
Lead designerSalon
Design teamZheng Weibang, Li Lingfeng, Yang Chaojie
Photography creditsINSPACE
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