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Villa Diwani

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Villa Dewani: Where Architecture and Calligraphy Converge
Nestled in Sharjah, UAE, Villa Dewani stands as a unique testament to the interplay of architectural finesse and Arabic calligraphy. Commissioned by art enthusiasts with a keen focus on calligraphy, the villa seamlessly marries these two worlds, creating a space that reflects both functional living and artistic appreciation.
The visionary owner of Villa Diwani is a dedicated patron of Arabic calligraphy, whose unwavering passion was integral in shaping the villa's design. Villa Diwani stands as a reflection of the owner's commitment to preserving and celebrating the beauty of calligraphy in a contemporary setting.

Villa Dewani blurs the lines between a residence and an art gallery, reflecting the owners' deep connection to Arabic calligraphy. It transforms into a canvas where the art of calligraphy becomes an integral part of the architectural narrative, making the living experience a visual and aesthetic delight.
Villa Dewani becomes a canvas for calligraphy in its classical, traditional, and contemporary forms. Collaborative efforts artist and architect have resulted in a unique blend where calligraphy serves as both ornamentation and integral design element. Original works by renowned regional artists are carefully recreated using stone, metal, or glass mosaics. This meticulous approach ensures that the art maintains its essence while seamlessly integrating with the villa's design, transcending mere visuals and becoming an intrinsic part of the living space.

Approaching Villa Dewani, a striking sight greets the eye. A white stone-clad structure, adorned with skillfully carved Kufic script, rests atop smaller grey stone-clad elements. This initial impression sets the tone for the artistic journey that unfolds within.
The villa's layout is structured around a central axis, with spaces thoughtfully distributed on either side. This thoughtful arrangement gives rise to courtyards, each designed with specific functions in mind. From the expansive double-height living room that overlooks an outdoor terrace and pool to the intimate majlis courtyard with a sunken sitting area, the spaces adapt and evolve to suit the occupants' needs.

In the realm of architecture, Villa Dewani stands as a harmonious blend of form and artistry, offering a living example of how calligraphy can influence and enrich the built environment. Upon the villa's completion, more artists visited the residence to curate surfaces for displaying their artworks, both within the villa and across the surrounding landscape. As one explores the corridors, courtyards, and interior spaces, it's evident that Villa Dewani encapsulates the essence of artistic collaboration, making it a space where both form and function find their perfect balance.

Entry details
LocationSharjah, UAE
Lead designerAbdulla Alshamsi, Ali Torabi
Design teamMuzzamil Contractor, Noor Samir, Walid Boudegga, Ahmed Alrefaei, Yasser Abdul Zaher
Consultant teamMEP: SMEP
Photography creditsShoayb Khattab
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