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Victory Bay

GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Short description

CITIC Urban Development Group joined hands with GND to create the landscape of the exhibition area based on in-depth thinking on the city, community and neighborhood, and took “park life” as the original design. The project explores the cultural context, gardening art and spatial layout of the famous urban gardens in Dongguan, transforms the region, nature, culture, materials, etc. into a unique visual language and create a quiet, leisurely and pure emotional experience in the space, so as to successfully create an urban interaction and sharing platform that integrates multiple elements, coexists with nature, and supports a borderless life, providing owners and surrounding residents with a slow and exquisite living experience space.

Entry details
LocationDongguan City, China
Lead designerQiu Ge, Li Bing
Design teamConcept design: Ding You ,Zhu Yanlin, Qiu Liang, Yan Xingxing Garden design: Chen Chen Plant design: Zeng Fengling
Photography creditsChill Shine
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