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Architecture | Concept & Unbuilt

Venecia 20

Inca Hernandez

Project description

The project proposes to renovate an old house built in 1905. It aims to integrate the building’s architectural evolution, incorporating both the old and the modern, and is inspired by a poetic fragment of Octavio Paz, who is himself believed to have been born in the house: “An edifice made of time: what was, what will be, what is.” The interior emerges out of an organic minimalism that manifests itself through bright and pure spaces. These introspective spaces also provide new interpretations of ‘family’; embodied by future generations of young people who will come to variously experience the building as an art studio, office and bedroom, through isolation and a connection between light and silence. The Patio pays tribute to the universal legacy of modernity through its catenary arches, while the interior design proposes to re-inhabit a ruin through new ways of living and a poetic atmosphere of isolation. After the events of this year and the last, how is housing currently perceived?

Project details
Location:Mexico City, Mexico
Studio NameInca Hernandez
Lead designerInca Hernandez
Design teamCollaborators: Gabriela Llovera Arciniegas, Luis Enrique Vargas. Development: Top Project Multiplex/Efrain Hernandez. Furniture: Carl Hansen & Søn, Luteca.
Photography creditsStudio Navarro
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