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Varetas Coat Stand

Leandro Garcia

Product description

Varetas Coat Stand is designed by the minimally indispensable. Three equal turned rods of three different shades of solid wood are positioned equidistant apart at the base, obtaining a triangular support that minimally touches the floor. When tilted, the rods find their equilibrium when they intersect in a solid metal disc, whose weight gives stability to the whole. The synthesis of elements serves structural and use functions at the same time, so that the rods are attached to the disc by means of three pins that also function as hangers. The primary geometry of the circle gives rise to the slender cylindrical form of the rods with half-sphere ends, the central disc, and the hangers. The three shades of wood - light, medium, and dark - besides making the reading of the piece uncomplicated, exemplify the diversity of Brazilian species, whose heterogeneous veins, textures, and colours contrast with the homogeneity of the bright polished brass that surrounds them.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameLeandro Garcia
Lead designerLeandro Garcia
Location:Curitiba, Brazil
Photography creditsRicardo Perini
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