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Architecture | Concept & Unbuilt

Ùsque ad sìdera

David Cirocchi Architect

Short description

The project proposes a refuge on the Swiss plateau, one of the most foggy places in the world. An architecture in close dialogue with nature in an extreme climatic condition.

Access is through a cut in the concrete which develops vertically in the adjacent facade, allowing the light to illuminate the entire void which houses the stairwell leading to the top of the shelter. The refuge is a single space, marked only by furnishings in materic symbiosis with the place. The living room and bedroom look directly out through large windows, while the kitchen, hidden in the cupboard, is in the centre of the plan. In front of the living room there is a small terrace, thanks to a sliding window which enters into the wall and allows exit.

Focusing on the theme of verticality suggested by the place, the object looks like as "vertically infinite", ideally developing up to the stars [ùsque ad sìdera].

Entry details
LocationSwiss Plateau
Studio NameDavid Cirocchi Architect
Lead designerDavid Cirocchi
Photography creditsrender images - David Cirocchi
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