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Urban Design of Qingfeng Sector, Yinzhou District, Ningbo

DC Alliance

Short description

The site is adjacent to the downtown of Ningbo city, which is long, narrow and extends along the river. The waterfront core land is nearly one kilometer long.
The limitations of the site and the demands of the project pose great challenges to the design: how does the narrow and linear land relate to the urban hinterland?  How to give consideration to both construction applications and creation of public character of the site with limited depth?  How to create the riverside urban image under the 60m height restriction?  How to balance the overall style from the urban perspective with the personalized image of the enterprises?  
The design adopts "horizon"concept to respond to the height limit, and takes full advantage of the characteristics of the long interface of the riverside to create a "horizontal skyscraper", thus portraying a distinctive riverside landmark. The design elevates the overall building volume and gets the utmost out of allowable construction height to free up the ground floor space for public activities while enabling the internal office space of the building to get a better river view, and further open the whole roof space to public, to build a compound, three-dimensional urban park. In terms of functional format, according to the different characteristics of the existing environment along the river, the project is divided into sections with three themes to match the corresponding public space experience and relevant functional layout of the ground floor. The elevated office space, in addition to getting a better view of the first-line riverside landscape, can also better display the corporate image, and gain more freedom in the division and use of internal space. Combined with the landing of the coreof the building, each enterprise can obtain an independent entrance with its personalized portal image.  

Entry details
LocationNingbo - China
Studio NameDC Alliance
Lead designerYingzhe Wang
Design teamLilan Lv, Wei Zhou, QianwenLuo, Hongyi Zhang, Han Wang, Zhuolin Hu, Cheng Chen
Photography creditsDC Alliance
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