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Unity Lossless Wireless Headphones Concept Packaging

HED Unity

Short description

Unity’s open case packaging is a minimal waste solution using fully biodegradable recycled materials. Its open concept was conceived as a way to celebrate the product and not hide it. Unity’s headphone is contained in its durable translucent protective carrying case and is held by a molded recycled paper pulp frame, instead of a traditional cardboard box or blister pack. This allows consumers to glimpse the beauty of the product while holding on to some mystery. This approach limits the need for excessive packaging materials while providing sufficient protection for the device.

Unity’s packaging is over 75% lighter than that of other consumer headphones and produces substantially less material waste. It has a very minimal ecological footprint by using post recycled material, that can be recycled again and is also biodegradable. It’s lightweight properties will minimize transportation costs and fuel consumption.

Entry details
LocationGeneva, Switzerland
Studio NameHED Unity
Lead designerTim Degraye
Design teamLiliane Huguet, Loic Huguet, Gianluca Camarda, Diogo Lemos
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