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Unity Headphones

Hed Unity

Short description

The revolutionary wireless headphones from Unity go beyond the limits of other conventional headphones to stream true lossless audio, meaning listeners can hear the music they love in stunning clarity and rich detail, by using onboard WiFi functionality to support high-resolution streaming up to 24bit/96kHz. Unity headphones have an integrated dual-core processor, memory, storage, and a 9-axis IMU for accurate head-tracking motion detection for codec agnostic decoding of spatial and immersive audio in real-time. Unity has its own audio software platform with regular over-the-air updates, ensuring the listener always has the latest features, improvements and abilities. The earcups are CNCed from a single block of 6063 aluminum alloy and combined with a vibration-reducing, super rigid carbon-fiber infused nylon chassis, physically reducing outside noise by -13dB with dense materials so the ANC works smarter not harder. It features 12 mics to support active noise-cancelling and crystal-clear calls, as well as for potential future uses. The ergonomic memory foam earcup shape has varying thicknesses to comfortably fit your head, thus eliminating the need for yaw. They also have a layer of cooling gel for extended listening enjoyment. It also works as a normal Bluetooth headphone.

Entry details
LocationGeneva, Switzerland
Studio Name Hed Unity
Lead designerTim Degraye
Design teamLiliane Huguet, Loic Huguet, Diogo Lemos, Gianluca Camarda
Photography creditsN/A
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