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United Daily News


Short description

The architectural design of United Daily News uses minimalist building masses, aluminum claddings, and low iron IGU glass curtain wall to form a modern image of this new urban landmark. The project site is divided into two lots; lot A is an office and residential mixed-use tower, while Lot B is a boutique residential building. Vertical patterns are emphasized with a series of screen-printed white-strip glass sunshade fins at the exterior of the office part, and continuous horizontal windows and aluminum claddings are used in all residential units in both Tower A and B to give an integrated identity.

Facing the main street, the office lobby is recessed with a front colonnade and presented as a gallery space. Large sculptural Chinese-calligraphy symbols are inlayed on the 8-meter tall interior lobby wall. On the south and east sides of the tower, public plazas are shaded by rows of trees. Residential entrances are situated on the quieter corners accompanied by charming gardens and a delightful waterscape. The project connotes the culture and spirit of United Daily News. Through its precise and elegant materials, detailing and the pleasing landscape that connects to public spaces, this complex has generated a new identity of its urban context.

Entry details
LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Lead designerKris Yao
Photography credits©Jeffrey Cheng, ©Record the Truth, ©Chris Stowers
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