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Short description

Living in a prosperous world with a lot of traffic for a long time, we can easily become impetuous and anxious, and we need a quiet space to heal ourselves. TSUBAKI is committed to exploring the beauty care methods of oriental women. In the space presentation, the design team draws inspiration from nature, the land and the deep sea to create creations, combining natural textured materials with plain and vibrant colors to guide consumers in tranquility. In a healing atmosphere, seek balance between body and spirit to achieve inner peace.

Combined with functional requirements and design principles, the control of the layout and size of every part of the space has been carefully considered by the design team. Thoughtful details make the space full of surprises, introducing natural light as much as possible, and the light and shadow together with the interior lighting bring a leisurely atmosphere to the space.

The visual extension of the façade enriches the spatial hierarchy and effectively optimizes the sense of occlusion brought by the space. From pure tones to every detail, the objects present maximum tension in the space, and the artistic atmosphere unfolds slowly, exuding a unique sense of beauty.

TSUBAKI hopes that through the space carrier, while serving consumers, it can also break the barrier, so that consumers can feel the quiet and soothing atmosphere of the space, slow down, release their emotions, and make themselves more comfortable. Create awareness for the protection of mind and body and skin management.

Entry details
LocationJingdezhen, China
Lead designerBo Gao
Photography creditsDAMO DESIGN
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