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Yunus Emre Üye Design Project & Consultancy

Product description

TRI is a sculptural three-legged chair having a simple design yet extraordinary in shape with its distinctive art-like form. The aim was to move away from stereotypical four-legged chair design approaches through creating a genuinely balanced three-legged chair and present it to the market. What makes TRI really balanced and stable despite being three-legged is the considerable width of its legs. These three wide legs perpendicular to each other act as bracings, two in the x-plane and one in the y-plane. This structure provides it a more stable ground holding. This stability gives it the posibility of higher load-bearing capacity. Beyond being a chair, TRI can also be described as a multi-purpose furniture. It can be used as a side table, nightstand and even as a bathtub stool thanks to its waterproof feature. Because it also has this flexibility in terms of usage location, TRI is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Its lightweight feature and its sleek integrated handle make it easy to change the usage location. Another feature that offers the opportunity to change is its color. In this manner, each chair’s color scheme can be individualized during the manufacture process. TRI, as a one-piece chair is manufactured using injection-molding technology. This monobloc furniture is made out of fiber-reinforced polyamide.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameYunus Emre Üye Design Project & Consultancy
Lead designerYunus Emre Üye
Team MembersYunus Emre Üye, Furkan Çakır, İbrahim Çalışkan
Location:Ankara - Turkey
Photography creditsYunus Emre Üye
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