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Photography | Interiors

TRG Tranquility

TRG Architecture + Interior Design

Photographed by:

Nelson Olivo

Short description

My approach to photographing interiors is always to view the natural light, see what it may do in certain times of the day, or at that moment, and set up my lighting equipment accordingly.  The other concept I consider is how might the lighting chosen by the designers help to show off their design? What would they do to add some glamour or show off details? Questions like these help when deciding how to photograph spaces.  This beautifully designed home was designed inside and out exclusively by one of Hillsborough’s finest architecture & design firms: TRG Architecture + Interior Design.  The home features elegant interior design with a functional and thoughtful layout.  It was such a pleasure to photograph and work along this team!

Entry details
LocationHillsborough, CA
Lead designerLeslie Lamarre
Photographer NameNelson Olivo
Design teamLeslie, Erika, Maxxine, Ellie & April
Photography creditsNelson Olivo of NelsonOphoto
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