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Transform and Reborn

Fullhouse Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Project description

The main design purpose of this project is to preserve the cultural heritage of traditional buildings, build a unique atmosphere through the integration of ancient and modern design vocabulary, maintain the connection and openness of inside and outside, connect the surrounding nature with tourists, and construct an interactive barrier-free space. The design team properly planned the overall layout, using glass on the first-floor wall to create a transparent and open vision, introducing natural window scenes and good light and shadow effects; The interior space also uses clean but warm tone and materials to create a spatial image that is connected to nature and approachable. The space design, diversified linear changes are also used to add interest to the "snake" character in the snake kiln; consistently inherit the fundamental spirit of "making pottery in nature" in a harmonious way. Follow the rotating staircase to the VIP reception space on the second floor, which is different from the first floor displays goods area. The large-surface transparent glass material is used here to connect the internal and external environments. The specially planned wooden dome ceiling transforms the original single indoor structure through the traditional technique of tenon-joint form, with an orderly and gradual wooden grille design and hanging modeling lighting, forming a unique style, more restrained and unique temperament.

Project details
Studio NameFullhouse Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Lead designerHSUAN-HUI LIN
Design teamYEN-YI CHEN
Photography creditsFullhouse Interior Design Co., Ltd.
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